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Armando A. Rodriguez
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MoSART-FAME Research at ASU

Modeling, Simulation, Animation, and Real-Time Control (MoSART) of
Flexible Autonomous Machines operating in an uncertain Environment (FAME)
    Differential-Drive Thunder Tumbler (DDTT) Hardware Video Demonstrations:
1. Cruise Control Along a Path (Curve, Jagged Line)
2. Planar Cartesian Stabilization (low directional gain moves along curved path, high directional gain moves directly toward target)
3. Minimum Time around Racetrack
4. Vehicle-Target Spacing Control (low gain slow with no overshoot, high gain fast with overshoot, PD very fast with no overshoot)
5. Robot Stops for Obstacle
6. Longitudinal Platooning of Vehicles

7. Position Control Along a Straight Line (low gain slow with no overshoot, high gain fast with overshoot, PD fast with no overshoot)
8. Position Control Along a Curve
9. Multiple Robots Follow Leader (Leader is Remote Controlled, Leader Follows Line, Line Following with Spacing Control)
10. Ground Robot Tracks Slowly Moving Quadrotor
11. RWD Leader Followed by Differential-Drive Robot
12. Video Streaming from Robot

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