1.1 About the Author

1.2 Historical Perspective - The Need for a Highly Trained STEM Workforce

Post World War II History
The National Science Foundation
U.S. Strategic Needs
STEM Workforce Statistics

Science and Engineering Indicators -

Consequences of Quitting
Dropping Out of College - Cost To Public - MSNBC Article
Preparing for an Increasingly Multidisciplinary Technological World
The Purpose of this Site

1.3 Intended Audience

Community College Transfer Students
Graduate Students
Working Students
Parents In School
STEM Workforce
Women and Underrepresented Minorities

1.4 Taking Responsibility - It's Your Future

A University Education - A Special Time

Time Management - link to 4.0

Setting Priorities
Life Long Friends, Role Models, Mentors
Reaching Out for Help

The Difference Between an Academic Advisor and a Mentor

Need for Academic and Career Plans - These are Urgent!

1.5 Outline of Web Site - Web Site Map

1.6 Acknowledgements





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