5.1 Overview

5.2 Figuring Out What You Want to Do (When You Grow Up)

5.3 Exciting Career Opportunities

5.4 Career Planning

5.5 Skills Worth Acquiring
Analytical Skills
Financial Analysis

Resume Writing - would like a few samples
Cover Letter Writing - would like a few samples

Interviewing Tips - prepare, listen carefully, answer the question, ok to say I do not know
Internships - great for figuring out what you want and do not want to do

5.6 Mentors
Importance of a Mentor
How to Find a Mentor?

Attributes of a Good Mentor

5.7 Professional Organizations
5.8 Professional Conferences
5.8 Community Service - giving back to your community is important
5.9 Mentoring Students

5.10 Public Speaking
5.10 Presentation Development

5.11 Gaining Research Experience
5.12 Proposal Writing

5.13 Senior Design Capstone Projects
5.14 Research and Professional Seminars

5.15 Working with a Professor

5.16 Writing a Technical Paper - would like a few samples
5.17 Publishing: Conferences, Journals, Books

5.18 What do Professors Really Do?



Dr. Armando A. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical Engineering
ASU IEEE Student Branch Mentor
School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University

Tyler Mall, GWC 352
Mailstop 875706
Tempe, AZ 85287-5706
Office: (480) 965-3712
Fax: (480) 965-2811